Wellbeing EDvantage provide consulting services to education professionals and agencies working to develop policies, procedures and programs that promote student wellbeing and safe, supportive school environments. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide tailored services that draw upon our years of experience in teaching, counselling, policy development and leadership roles.

We have experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams and working across institutional and organisational boundaries. As well as contributing to numerous publications on school climate, we helped develop the ACT Education Directorate’s Future of Education Strategy and, in partnership with the Australian National University, the Australian School Climate and Identification Measurement Tool.

Our expertise encompasses policy responses to complex student issues including suspension, violence, problematic sexualised behaviours, social emotional learning, and responding to potential violent extremism among students.

Contact us today to discuss how our extensive practical and policy experience can help you and your organisation meet curriculum requirements and deliver outstanding educational policies and programs in the area of student wellbeing.