Wellbeing EDvantage was established in 2019 by Dave and Louise Bromhead, both highly trained and experienced teachers and psychologists. Between them Dave and Louise have over 40 years experience working in ACT education – in schools, the ACT Education Directorate and in specialist agencies – providing leadership and services that support wellbeing, build safe school environments and promote learning outcomes for students, particularly those exhibiting challenging behaviours or experiencing crisis and trauma.


Meet Dave Bromhead

Dave is a teacher and registered psychologist whose career has spanned a variety of teaching, counselling, policy development and leadership roles. In working directly with students, their families and teachers, Dave developed expertise in dealing with young people experiencing distress and unable to effectively engage at school.

Dave has held a number of senior leadership roles within the ACT Education Directorate including as Senior Manager Student Wellbeing and simultaneously as Principal of Murrumbidgee Education and Training Centre (at Bimberi Youth Justice Centre). In these roles Dave led the development of policy responses to suspension, safe and supportive schools, violence, problematic sexualised behaviours, social emotional learning, and responding to potential violent extremism amongst students. Dave has also led the ACT School Psychology Service and the Network Student Engagement Teams (multi-disciplinary teams responding to complex student issues in schools). He was a key driver in forging a partnership with the Australian National University to develop the Australian School Climate and School Identification Measurement Tool. Dave has also contributed to numerous journal and book publications on school climate.

As Senior Manager Strategic Policy, in the ACT Education Directorate Dave supported the development of the Future of Education Strategy, providing direction for the ACT education system over the next 10 years.

As co-founder of Wellbeing EDvantage Dave draws upon this extensive practical and policy experience to deliver training and consultancy services to individuals and organisations.


Meet Louise Bromhead

Louise is a teacher and registered psychologist whose career has spanned a variety of teaching, counselling, caring, advocacy, and leadership roles. She began her career as a primary school teacher, before moving into the disability sector where she worked in a variety of support and leadership positions and was a member of the ACT Government’s Disability Reform Group overseeing change in the ACT disability sector.

As a psychologist working in ACT schools, Louise has worked extensively with children and young people and supported teachers to address the diverse needs of students. She is currently a Senior Psychologist in the ACT Education Directorate ( part time) working on the Positive Behaviour for Learning Team, an innovative framework that supports the wellbeing and learning of young people in schools.

Louise is also a meditation teacher. She has practised mindfulness through yoga and meditation for the last 12 years and has completed extensive training as a meditation teacher through the Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness. She has taught mindfulness to adults and young people in a variety of settings and is passionate about the benefits that mindfulness offers as an important element of ‘cross training’ for the brain.

As co-founder of Wellbeing EDvantage Louise draws upon her extensive experience to deliver training to teachers and adults – in particular ‘The Wellbeing Edge in the Classroom’ and mindfulness training to help people find a calm centre and create wellbeing for themselves and others.