Wellbeing EDvantage is an accredited trainer with Smiling Mind, an Australian not-for-profit that works with schools, workplaces, and communities to deliver the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with the aim of helping every mind to thrive.

About Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind offers programs for schools and workplaces that include face-to-face workshops, a free app, and resources that can be used by both teachers and employers. As an accredited trainer with Smiling Mind, Wellbeing EDvantage delivers mindfulness programs within the ACT and surrounding regions on their behalf. Contact us to learn more about our role as a Smiling Mind trainer.

How to engage Smiling Mind

The best way to access Smiling Mind resources or workshops for your school or workplace, is to contact them directly. Their website provides a wealth of information about their programs as well as contact forms to arrange training.